Monday, October 5, 2009



chloe winter 09/10 collection
sorry it's a little..large

i love chloe. it's got to be one of my all time favourite brands ever. everytime i'm in town, i always go to the chloe shop. there's something so relaxing and nice about the shop. it even smells great. the way the clothes are arranged. the staff uniforms. the bags all lined up neatly on the white shelves - wonderful. one day i'll own a piece of chloe clothing but for now i'll just have to settle with my mom's black calf skin paraty bag she got for her birthday.

i'm still sick and the exams are still on. i'm not in the mood to study but i want to do well. i have social studies and math on wednesday. and it's monday. i promised myself to devote all of tuesday to math but now i'll have to juggle both subjects. being a professional procrastinator is tiring.

note to self: lock computer in cupboard until end of exams (maybe i'll just use it for 1 hour a day now. my fish in my happy aquarium might die, ha)


  1. OMG! I'm completely in love with new ChloƩ's beautiful!
    by the way, I'm quite a fan of your blog...I'm just starting...

  2. Chloe is always amazing, but this was one of my favorite collections ever.

    Also, your header is so pretty.

    Your whole blog is pretty, actually.

  3. lucie: aw, thank you!

    annie: same for me too. thank you for your wonderful comment, i smiled when i read it.