Sunday, October 18, 2009



gap boys checkered shirt, gap denim skirt, timberland boat shoes, coach bag, giraffe ring from laforet, tokyo, handmade rock ring

view of the sunrise at 6:30am from my house window on the 22nd floor, so beautiful.

lazy (and repeat!?! wow i'm bad) outfit, i just went to watch 'imagine that' today, featuring eddie murphy. oh my god, that man is so funny, his facial expressions are just amazing. on the other hand, examinations are over and i am free until the end of the year. next week i'm getting my results back though so, wish me luck. i think i did okay overall, i mean, besides leaving one whole geography question out, which is like 25 marks by the way, because i read the instructions wrong. go me.

well, you can choose to move on or live in the moment, and i choose to move on. photobucket and flickr are being really annoying right now. flickr is so slow on my macbook, i dont even know why. oh well. ooh, yesterday i went to the mac store and picked up the tinted lipbalm and nude rose lipstick from the dsquared collection. it isnt amazing but i just thought i'd get it anyway since i wanted a new lipstick and lipbalm. then i went to topshop and picked up a cardigan. oh, and upgraded myself to leather timberland boatshoes, heh.

i dont really have that much to say, actually. i thought i had a lot to say but i guess not. oh yeah i almost forgot, the other day, we were at the pet store and my mom and i saw this beautiful chocolate labrador that is 3 months old. you know how some dogs just have that name? the one that you instantly know he is? well, his name is ben. he is so adorable and we are considering to get him. he's a puppy and a labrador, so it will be easier to train him. and he's a playful dog, just like my current jack russell so they'll probably happy with each other. let's just hope my dad says yes. fingers crossed everybody!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i smell freedom


yesssss, one more paper to go and i'm free for the rest of the year! that sounds really good tomorrow. after 10am tomorrow morning, i will be the happiest girl alive. one tip for people sitting for examinations, especially subjects like biology - cramming at the last minute for 12 hours does not work and you will not be able to write 12 chapters of notes if alone.

so yesterday rachall came over after school to write/share biology notes. ritz biscuits, natachan orange juice, japanese rice crackers and tea were our best friends for the day. i think i put on weight, but i'm too scared to step on the weighing machine, HA HA. surprisingly though, the biology paper today was relatively easy. oh, and, they gave us a piece of graph paper so obviously i thought there was a graph question. at the end of the paper, i still hadnt used my graph paper so i was panicking, thinking that i missed out a question. 10 minutes before the paper ended, and after i had read the paper over and over again for about 15 times, the teacher comes in and says that we dont need to use the graph paper because there is no graph question. thank you for telling me that 10 minutes before the examination ended.

tomorrow is my last paper - additional mathematics, which im definitely not the best in. i barely make it pass single digits. i dont care how much you love math, additional math is not fun and shouldnt even be a subject. please, tell me when i will be using binomial theorem and logarithms in the future. mm, after i am free tomorrow, clara and i are going to town to watch 'the september issue', the real devil wears prada, featuring anna wintour.

outfit pictures soon maybe?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

silver and moonstone


i went to my neighbour's house the other day because she was having her moving out garage sale and i got this really really pretty moonstone and tarnished silver ring. she's a jewelry designer and gets her products made in india. she only had 3 rings and the other really pretty cobalt blue ring was a size too small for my large fingers, sad. besides the ring, i also wanted to get this gorgeous turquoise, tarnished silver and black cord necklace which was such a statement piece. it was $95, a bit too much for me to afford at that point in time.

today i went to the library to study with my friend after my literature paper. imagine, going to school at 6:45am and having a paper starting at 7:50am and right after that, you get to go home and do whatever you want. a whole day, just for studying. i really should have taken my mom's advice of reading topics of what i've learnt everyday after school for about half an hour. maybe then i wouldnt be panicking about not being able to remember things. oh well, now i know.

also, i'm sorry about the largeness of the last post. i'll divide my favorites into parts next time round.

Monday, October 5, 2009



chloe winter 09/10 collection
sorry it's a little..large

i love chloe. it's got to be one of my all time favourite brands ever. everytime i'm in town, i always go to the chloe shop. there's something so relaxing and nice about the shop. it even smells great. the way the clothes are arranged. the staff uniforms. the bags all lined up neatly on the white shelves - wonderful. one day i'll own a piece of chloe clothing but for now i'll just have to settle with my mom's black calf skin paraty bag she got for her birthday.

i'm still sick and the exams are still on. i'm not in the mood to study but i want to do well. i have social studies and math on wednesday. and it's monday. i promised myself to devote all of tuesday to math but now i'll have to juggle both subjects. being a professional procrastinator is tiring.

note to self: lock computer in cupboard until end of exams (maybe i'll just use it for 1 hour a day now. my fish in my happy aquarium might die, ha)

Friday, October 2, 2009



i've been sick with a throat infection, fever and blocked/runny nose since wednesday. all because of the stupid haze that's floating above singapore right now. you cant even see the moon at night, and it's easy to look at the sun for a second or two.

the topshop fashion show/party was great, but crowded. my camera died on me, of course, just when the topman fashion show was about to end. and topman was BEFORE topshop. oh well. things happen for a reason, right? saw some people like Utt and some writer as well. Then we headed to the shop right after the show to grab some stuff with the 20% storewide discount. i only got a lace blazer but that's about it, since the Christopher Kane dress i wanted wasnt in store yet. i put my name down for it though.

I need to make a trip down to topshop asap to use my two $15 vouchers for two purchases i want to make - a polkadot blouse and a shoulder padded striped pullover. hopefully i'll be able to go tomorrow.

better get some sleep, math in the morning.