Thursday, October 15, 2009

i smell freedom


yesssss, one more paper to go and i'm free for the rest of the year! that sounds really good tomorrow. after 10am tomorrow morning, i will be the happiest girl alive. one tip for people sitting for examinations, especially subjects like biology - cramming at the last minute for 12 hours does not work and you will not be able to write 12 chapters of notes if alone.

so yesterday rachall came over after school to write/share biology notes. ritz biscuits, natachan orange juice, japanese rice crackers and tea were our best friends for the day. i think i put on weight, but i'm too scared to step on the weighing machine, HA HA. surprisingly though, the biology paper today was relatively easy. oh, and, they gave us a piece of graph paper so obviously i thought there was a graph question. at the end of the paper, i still hadnt used my graph paper so i was panicking, thinking that i missed out a question. 10 minutes before the paper ended, and after i had read the paper over and over again for about 15 times, the teacher comes in and says that we dont need to use the graph paper because there is no graph question. thank you for telling me that 10 minutes before the examination ended.

tomorrow is my last paper - additional mathematics, which im definitely not the best in. i barely make it pass single digits. i dont care how much you love math, additional math is not fun and shouldnt even be a subject. please, tell me when i will be using binomial theorem and logarithms in the future. mm, after i am free tomorrow, clara and i are going to town to watch 'the september issue', the real devil wears prada, featuring anna wintour.

outfit pictures soon maybe?

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