Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i'm so confusing



i did it.
long story cut short - i got back access to my blog account. HOORAH!!
i hate to see this blog go. i like it a lot. but i cant keep updating my password everyday (ok, maybe not everyday. but frequently!) just to gain access to this blog. it's something to do with my email. and hackers. my paypal account got hacked recently and they spent $800 on my mom's credit card. thankfully we solved the problem today. and they were from australia..? anyway! i hate making people move my links (if i even am a link on anybody's blog..) but it's better that i use that account. i like that name better anyway :p

so if you read my blog, i'm sincerely sorry about all the changing of links so frequently but i'm working on getting an antivirus software. so i promise, only one last time,

(and my flickr..?)